8D Report – The smarter way to manage problems

Effective problem solving requires a disciplined approach. In 1987, Ford Motor Company developed a methodology that revolves around the Eight Disciplines (8D) – Ford Global 8D (G8D). The output of an 8D problem solving process is an 8D report.

Problem solving is all about communication

Promigra 8D Report is a software tool that helps you run an 8D problem solving process, with a focus on communication and collaboration. Promigra 8D Report will bring your team together. Promigra 8D Report is a »Cloud Solution«, meaning you can easily bring aboard your colleagues or people outside your organization, such as suppliers, contractors or clients to collaborate and work together. The number of people involved in any 8D process or the system is unlimited. The team has a place where they can work together, discuss problems and tasks, exchange files and more. 8D Report can notify team members via email whenever their attention is needed.

Assign responsibility, set deadlines, get things done on time the first time

Adding actions and tasks literally just takes seconds. You can easily track what tasks are outstanding, when they are due, and who’s responsible for getting it done. When a deadline has been missed for a task or an action, the responsible person and the team leader automatically get an email notification.

Promigra 8D Report keeps track of every version of every file

While managing a problem you will come to a situation when you will need to share one or more files with the rest of the team. With Promigra 8D Report you can upload, manage, share and organize your files. You can upload Office documents, PDFs, images, measurement results and other types of files. When you upload a new version of a file, Promigra 8D Report can keep a copy of the old version around for safe keeping and reference. This makes it easy to go back and see what changed and who changed it.

Transparent problem solving process

Promigra 8D Report makes the problem solving process transparent. At any given time, any member of the team can see exactly how much progress has been made on a project. The team stays on track and follows each step to completion before moving on. Cooperation between your team and a customer becomes much easier, which increases your customer’s satisfaction and confidence in your company.

Simple and easy to use

When developing Promigra 8D Report we paid a great amount of attention to simplicity and ease of use. Despite its simple look, Promigra 8D Report offers power features that spreadsheets, regular 8D Report templates and paper forms just don’t have. Promigra makes it very easy to clearly state the problem and identify ramifications, impact, and consequences. A proper problem statement will provide guidance for the team during root cause analysis and solution implementation.

We don’t know everything

We believe that with your feedback we can take a good application and make it into a great one. Most of the features that we added since we started with development came from multiple suggestions from our clients based on their actual daily needs and usage statistics. We welcome your opinions and feedback about Promigra 8D Report, and look forward to perfecting our product for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us using our Contact Form, or send an email directly to branko@8dreport.com. We would be happy to hear your suggestions or just have a chat about the 8D problem solving methodology.